A Firm Conviction, A Resolute Attitude


The bustling ambiance of the small cafe enveloped Farid as he sat at a corner table, his fingers gently caressing the pages of a book on Islamic Art in Andalusia. Sipping on a cup of aromatic tea, he found solace in the quiet refuge of the cafe as he learned knowledge.

A burst of energy disrupted his tranquil haven as the door swung open, revealing a group of his non-Muslim classmates. Laughter and animated conversation filled the air, drawing attention to their arrival. Farid's eyes met the vibrant gaze of Lisa, her smile lighting up the room.

"Hey, Farid! What's up?" she exclaimed, her enthusiasm contagious. "We're throwing a party tonight. You should come, it's going to be epic!"

Farid's gaze shifted to his attire, his black hoodie adorned with cursive gold letters that proclaimed, "Only halalness... occurs here." In that moment, a torrent of thoughts swirled through his mind, reminding him of his faith and the principles he held dear.

With grace and sincerity, he replied, "Thank you, Lisa, for the kind invitation. I truly appreciate it, but I must respectfully decline. It contradicts my beliefs."

Jessica nodded understandingly. "Farid," she said "We understand if it conflicts with your religious convictions. We simply wanted to spend time together as a group. Your decision will be respected."

But confusion etched across Mike's face as he leaned closer, his curiosity piqued. "Why not, man? It's going to be a great night! Music, dancing, girls and all the good stuff."

Taking a moment to steady himself, Farid drew upon the inner strength granted by his faith. He met their gazes, unwavering and resolute.

"While I acknowledge the potential enjoyment of the party," he explained. "As a devout Muslim, I strive to uphold the teachings of Islam. Parties usually have stuff in them considered haram, forbidden in our faith. Although I respect your invitation, I must remain steadfast in my beliefs," he explained, his voice steady and unwavering.

A silence descended upon the table as Lisa, Mike, and Jessica absorbed his words. Their expressions shifted, revealing a newfound admiration and respect for Farid's unwavering commitment.

Lisa spoke first. "Farid, your strength and integrity inspire us" she said sincerely. "It takes true character to stand firm in your beliefs, even when faced with temptation. We will miss your presence, but we genuinely understand and respect your decision."

Mike and Jessica nodded in agreement, their eyes filled with genuine appreciation.

"Absolutely, man," Mike chimed in, his support evident. "I'll make sure to plan something that aligns with your beliefs next time. No pressure."

Gratitude welled within Farid, his heart touched by the understanding and acceptance his peers had shown him.

"Thank you, all," Farid expressed softly, his voice filled with heartfelt gratitude. "Your unwavering support means more to me than words can convey."

Mike nodded respectfully.

Farid returned to his book, a sense of serenity washing over him. With his faith as his guide, he knew he had made a decision that remained true to his beliefs. He also was able to inspire others around him. Farid made a quick prayer thanking Allah for the blessing of Islam and another one to protect and guide his friends.



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